Monday, May 2, 2011

Monika Tied, Oiled Up, and Tickle Tortured

For me, Monika is the perfect submissive. She does what she is told, takes the torture she is given, and generally is a good and obedient torture slave. It is completely inconceivable to ever get tired of tickling her bare, beautiful, helpless body. For this video I did one better. I tickle her bare, beautiful, OILED body. I have often fantasized what it would be like to torture a sexy, oiled up slave and I believe Monika was the perfect sub to actualize this fantasy. She is first laid on the bed wearing a sexy one piece golden dress. I tie her hands above her head and begin tickling her body through her clothes. She squirms and giggles in her signature squeal. I then slide her dress up to reveal her sexy bare body covered only by a paper thin yellow thong. I begin to poor oil all over her soft tummy and underarms twitching my fingers all the while making her laugh and squirm. I tickle all over her bare, oily tummy, underarms, ribs, boobs, and belly button. Naturally, Monika's ticklish thighs escape no torment. Don't miss the tickle torture of Monika's sexy, oiled up body.

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